No matter what mental image appears for you when you hear the title “Private Investigator,” in reality, today’s professional Private Investigator is successful when the ability to meld the best qualities of all of the stereotypes is achieved. The “professional” part is to know how much of each type can be legally and morally applied to any given case.

McGarraugh Company has been successful because we have always adhered to these tenets with each and every case:

  • Always know as much as possible about the client
  • Always clearly understand the client’s wants and needs, putting them first
  • Never mislead a client about your knowledge, abilities or turnaround time
  • Never hesitate to refer a client to another source of ready assistance
  • Never agree to carry out a request that is even potentially illegal
  • Be timely with ongoing status reports and the final product
  • Always bill for time and expenses honestly